Favorite baby items months 3-6

Here are a few of our favorite things for ages 3 months through 6 months. Some of these are repeats from my 0-3 month list, but that just means we really loved them 🙂

Ergo: This is just so handy. It’s super easy to put on and is small enough to have on hand. It was most useful for our recent cross country plane trip to Washington. Most airports let you wear baby through security and then just right on the plane. Eli gets tired of it after a while, but as long as I’m moving he does ok. *I have heard that there are some impostors out there so be careful when buying online.

Links: These are so so useful. I have them attached to everything (swing, stroller, high chair etc). They were also great for the plane. Eli actually really loves to play and chew on them without being attached to a toy.

PPB Boxy Backpack: I’ve referenced it before, but its worth noting again. So great. I am considering trading for the city carryall though as they backpack is a little bulky for everyday use. I also have the wallet which fits perfect in the side pocket and I carry into the grocery store etc when I don’t take the diaper bag.

Baby Einstein play mat: We used this daily up until he could sit up. It’s so easy to change out toys and it would entertain him for up to 30 minutes. Even now that he is sitting up he will still crawl over and play with it.

Bugaboo Cameleon: Another repeat, but I truly love this stroller. Now that he has grown out of his infant carrier we have been using the bassinet and toddler seat attachment. It’s so easy to fold up and put together. My favorite part lately is being able to roll it up to a table when we’re eating out and moving the handle bar out of the way so it becomes a high chair. We got this used on craigslist and paid $300 (way less than new.) Plus its already 5 years old and is still in great shape.

Plastic Bins: This is Eli’s favorite thing to do right now. I put him on the floor with all his toys in the two bins and he tips them over and takes all the toys out. I like that these are plastic so he can chew on them and I don’t have to worry.

Sophie the Giraffe: Such a great teether. It may seem “trendy” and expensive but is for a reason. This is so easy for them to hold and chew on. I literally haven’t met anyone who’s kid hasn’t loved this. They have a new one too that is a little smaller for babies who teeth sooner.

Lamaze Moose and firefly: There is a whole line of toys and they are all great. We have two of them which is great for the stroller and the house. They all crinkle and squeak and have great colors. The Moose one is one of the first things he could grab onto. Get one for the stroller, the house, the car seat etc.

Sassy toys: We got these as gifts and they have been some of his favorites. Basically anything this company makes are great. I highly recommend that newborn set. Eli is 8 months now and is still playing with those toys.

Baby Einstein Toys: We have a few of these and is slowly playing with them ore and more.

Dr Browns bottles: We haven’t used anything else and I don’t think we will.

 Pool floatie: We borrowed a friends at a pool party and loved it right away. I plan on doing swim lessons but this was good for the beginning stages of being in the water. The one in the link is way more expensive than when we bought it. On sale right now!

Summer infant booster seat: Such a great seat. We use it on the bar counter in the kitchen, the dining table and chairs, as well as many tables away from home. I love that it attaches to tables and chairs. The only downside is that its fabric so needs to be machine washed instead of just wiping down.

Rainforest Jumperoo: This is such a favorite of Eli’s. He can be entertained in this for 30-40 minutes at a time (great for breakfast and dinner prep time). He likes to sway instead of jump in it and I was surprised at how much he likes the toys that come with it. I would consider this a must have for the pre sitting up and crawling stage. For a while he would play in it for half an hour! Great for mornings while I ate breakfast and at night while getting dinner ready.

                                             Fisher Price Rocker: This has been so so useful.
                                            He would be content in this for so long as a baby
and I can still put him in it while i’m in the shower and he stays entertained.

Mesh Feeders: I love these as a teethers. Early on I would put an ice cube in it for him to suck on. Now its great for fruit because he likes to bite off big pieces. Great for the diaper bag to keep baby busy while eating out too.

Taggie Mirror: This was a LIFESAVER on the 5 hour plane ride when he was 5 months old. It’s soft and folds up in the diaper bag. I just set it up on the tray table and it kept him busy for a good amount of time. I LOVE it!

Huggies overnight diapers: We have tried all sorts of diapers and the huggies little movers are the best for blow outs and the overnights are the only thing we use at night. Now that he isn’t having blowouts we have been using Target brand during the day. I got a tip about Walgreens diapers for nighttime that I haven’t tried yet.

Huggies wipes: The ONLY wipes I will ever use. Seriously, nothing else comes close. You can buy them on amazon $8 for 800 sometimes.

Amazon Prime: We became prime members on accident because we were doing the free trial and forgot to cancel. We ended up keeping it for the 2 day free shipping. With a baby we are constantly needing little things that are always cheaper online than at the stores. SO handy.

What are your favorite items?


One thought on “Favorite baby items months 3-6

  1. Logan also loved the fisher price jumperoo. It didn't make the move with us but I definitely plan on getting one again for our next baby. We also liked the Dr. Brown's bottles. They really helped calm down acid reflux.


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