Favorite Baby Items 9-12 months


V- Tech Walker: I bought a cheaper version second hand and it moved too fast for him at first. I was impressed that the option to “slow down” the wheels on the V Tech one really worked. He still uses it now and he is walking on his own. The front has toys on it that really seem to keep his attention. Only semi obnoxious, you can turn off the music if it gets to be too much.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: this really should be on my 0-3 month post because its interesting for all ages. We keep it in the car now and he pushes the button for music over and over again.

Baby Einstein Table: Eli has played with lots of different tables at various places so I don’t think this particular one is absolutely necessary, but the table concept in general was a HUGE hit when he was learning to stand. When they are not quite stable on their own yet it will fall over when pulling up on it. I bungeed it to a column in our house until he was stronger. Again, he still using it occasionally so you will get your money’s worth.

Infantino Triangle: I really liked this toy for a long road trip. He could keep it in his lap and play with it.

Singing stuffed animals: I don’t know who gave us this rainbow stuffed elephant that sings the ABC’s but he LOVES it. He also got the V Tech Scout toy for his first birthday that sings as well. He is really into music.

Plastic balls: I found some cheap ones on amazon and put them in an empty pool or box for him to play in.

Steam and pureer: I found the Beaba one on sale at Williams and Sonoma and it gets used many times a day. I make most of his food so from 6 months on I would use it to steam and then puree fruits and veggies. Now that we are almost strictly finger foods I use it for almost every meal to steam veggies. You could use any type of machine that steams, this is just really handy and easy. It’s a little pricey but i’m sure we will continue to use it for a while.

Cup leash: We are working on teaching him not to throw his cup, but in the meantime I really love this. Especially when he is in his stroller or out to eat. Keeps us from having to pick it up off the floor. Also useful for toys in the shopping cart etc.

Straw cup: We went straight to a straw cup and have tried several kinds. They are all fine, none that are MUST haves at this point. Keep in mind how many different parts there are cause you have to clean them all 🙂

Booster seat: Still love this one. Planning on getting a second one for the car in case we are at friends house or restaurants that don’t have high chairs.

Food Pouches: Lately I have been liking the Sprout brand, but we also use Plum, Happy Baby and Ella pouches. You just can’t beat how easy they are to take along and that they are shelf stable. It’s also nice for trying new food that our stores may not carry.


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